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Why do you need an MVP?_

Pursuing a new product or project is daunting, no matter if you are a startup or Fortune 500. You face questions like: will there be enough market demand? How much will it cost? What do I do first? And many, many more.

Companies like Facebook, Airbnb, and Pinterest started as MVPs. The main goal of an MVP is to develop a working product that provides immediate value, quickly, at a minimum cost. Starting with an MVP lets you learn more about your end users and target market while you test your assumptions.

An MVP also sets the stage for future product iterations and clarifies the steps needed to propel the project – be that pivoting, or doubling down on what’s working.

An MVP also provides proof of concept for your business and showcases your potential. That makes an MVP a powerful aid in securing investor funding.

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Benefits of an MVP_

An MVP offers you the following advantage:

The goal of an MVP is not to be perfect – it’s to be done. You don't need to fully build your entire product vision from A to Z.

Instead, you build an MVP and test your future product with its help.

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Our MVP engineering team_

Building an MVP sounds very reasonable, doesn’t it? Your next step is to find a reliable team to do it for you, consisting of a product owner, a designer, and programmers. Lucky for you, that’s where our MVP team comes in.

Our team has been bringing projects to fruition for 15+ years. We offer everything from idea validation and requirements engineering to UX/UI design, development, testing, and deployment.

We tap into our extensive technical experience to quickly grasp which IT infrastructure and methodology fit your project.

Our depth of experience gained from working on a variety of projects has taught us what to avoid. This empowers us to create great, intuitive products that exceed customer expectations.

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MVP for startups_

Many startups fail because they lack a clear target audience or distinctive features. Our unique lean startup methodology lets you satisfy early adopters through fewer features, making it easy to progress through the development cycle.

We help you throughout the MVP product design process so you can choose core functionalities, keep costs low, meet deadlines, add new features with minimal effort, and test your initial concept.

MVP for enterprises_

Established enterprises usually want to develop an MVP they can use to either offer users a new, more innovative solution or integrate it into existing IT systems.

Our team of expert MVP developers can help you achieve either of the above by understanding your business needs and building a product that attracts early adopters and opens new revenue streams for you.

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MVP co-ownership_

There’s more than one way to build an MVP. Looking for a committed partner who can oversee every aspect of your MVP development? We will provide a technical/product co-founder who will do just that, along with a dedicated, fully operational team to make your ideas a reality.

This person will handle tasks such as managing and expanding the engineering team, building the product strategy and drawing up the project tech stack as well as managing all aspects of the MVP production. When you are working with us, nothing can stand in the way of your MVP’s creation.

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How we design MVPs_

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, we can adapt to your needs and current team structure. We respect our client’s time and resources. That’s why it is our highest priority to provide a clear picture of the events and ensure smooth flow of information.

Our MVP product design process helps you collect feedback to validate your product-market fit and scale your business.

We iterate until we have transformed your vision into a customized, fully functional, world-class MVP that you are more than happy with.

Have you collected customer stories or a wish list of functionalities for your product? Share those with us in our workshops and we will take them to heart. Based on your product needs, desired timeline, and the size and makeup of the team needed, we will put together an estimate of how long your MVP will take to develop and what it will cost.

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